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swift programming ios
swift programming ios

About this Course

Swift is one of the fastest-growing programming languages and is now the most preferred technology for iOS and Mac Development. We at Eduonix have crafted a course to meet the growing demand for Quality Swift Programming for both beginners and Intermediate developers. Our course focuses on the practical use of concepts inherent to Swift programming so even a beginner can start using the language for App Development

Our Course Focuses on the following

Swift Programming Environment – Learn what is new in Swift and how is it different from other programming languages such as C, C++ or Objective C.

Use of Xcode for Swift Programming – Learn to use Xcode for Swift programming and learn new concepts such as playground

Swift Basic Know-How – Learn the basic syntax of Swift using live practical examples. Master Concepts such as Tuples, Optionals, and Assertions.

Swift Operators – Learn to use various operators for manipulating standard and nonstandard data types.

Swift Strings – Learn to manipulate Strings and Characters in your programs. Learn all about Unicode.

Swift Control Flow – Swift Control Flow sections deal with iterators and conditionals. Learn to use loops in your Swift Programs

Swift Functions – Divided into two sections these topics will cover the use of functions and parameters. Also, learn about enumerations and Closures

Swift Data Structures – Learn to use collections and dictionaries in your programs.

Object-Oriented Programming – Learn complete object-oriented programming using Swift. *******COMING SOON*************

The conceptual focus and practical teaching technique will make you love this course and help you be an elegant Swift programmer.

We provide high-quality training material for Swift Programming through our online video tutorials. Our online learning video courses are created by highly trained professionals who have put together an awesome course covering all the aspects of Swift programming. This will make online learning easier for beginners.- View Less



  • Use Swift programming language for building Apps
  • Master new concepts unique to Swift programming
  • Learn practical use of the Swift Concepts
  • Build apps using Swift

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